Thursday, 26 February 2015

Basics of QTP (Quick Test Professional)

QTP is broadly/most famously utilized Functional/Regression Test computerization device. It was created by Mercury Interactive and gained by HP.

Anyhow in any case, we have to do legitimate instrument assessment before selecting QTP for computerizing testing of our application.

Since QTP can help outer include ins, it can be utilized for a wide range of utilizations.

Some include ins (e.g ActiveX, VisualBasic,Web) are inherent with QTP, and some other include ins (e.g Java, .net, TE (termial emulator))are outer include ins.

We can stack just the obliged include ins when opening the QTP IDE. So it will be useful to enhance the execution speed.

QTP will help Keyword Driven and Data Driven testing. We can make our own particular test computerization structure additionally in view of our own necessities for test mechanization.

It is vital to see how QTP functions. Since it will help to realize whatever other peculiarity in QTP effectively. Furthermore it will help to plan a successful robotization system furthermore it help to determine any issue confronted amid computerization script advancement furthermore amid script execution.

I will clarify it as underneath,

All we realize that each experiment ought to have Test Steps and Expected Results.

As QTP is utilized for executing these experiments, QTP additionally ought to have path for taking care of both Test Steps and Expected Results.

Taking care of Test Steps implies QTP ought to be fit for exploring any way/page in any site or in any product application.

Thus, for doing this QTP ought to have the capacity to perceive any control/protest in any application/site page. For perceiving the article, it ought to know the properties of those items already. It is attained to by putting away the properties of the articles in a concentrated spot known as Object Repository.

While running the test script, the articles in the application are recognized/perceived by contrasting the properties of them and the properties put away in the Object Repository. By doing this execution of Test Steps gets to be conceivable.

QTP is having Datatables (like Excel sheet) for supporting execution for numerous emphasess of same steps with distinctive information. For instance, accept that we have to execute two experiments, one for logging into a site utilizing UPPER case username and an alternate experiment for logging into a site utilizing lower case username.

For executing these two experiments, the steps will be same. The main contrast is in the test information.

It can be effectively done in QTP by putting these info usernames in Datatable and make the Script to execute it two times.

Next, we have to consider taking care of Expected Results. The reason for testing is contrasting the Actual result and the predefined Expected Results. It is accomplished by utilizing Checkpoints.

There are numerous checkpoints accessible in QTP. They are, Standard Checkpoint,Text Checkpoint, Bitmap Checkpoint, Database Checkpoint, availability Checkpoint and XML Checkpoint.

Really QTP can be utilized just as Record and Play sort device for robotization of basic steps on straightforward applications. Be that as it may it ought to be broadly utilized by composing client characterized capacities and numerous different peculiarities to get more profit from it.

QTP is not utilizing any Proprietary Script. It utilizes ordinarily accessible VBscript. So composing script will be basic. Furthermore, vbscript is ordinarily utilized as a part of numerous places, for example, Web advancement (ASP), and in windows organization meets expectations. So we can without much of a stretch discover part of officially accessible client characterized capacities and help articles in the Internet.

Furthermore, QTP helps COM model. i-e Any techniques and properties of any COM based application can be effectively gotten to from QTP. Case in point IE(Internet Explorer) and Excel Objects can be made inside QTP script. It is pertinent for QTP itself.

i-e Object of QTP itself can be made and took care of. It is known as Automation Object Model.

Essentially QTP is an utilitarian/Regression testing device. software testing performanceYet it can be in a roundabout way utilized for testing execution too. (i-e QTP scripts can be called from execution testing instrument "Load Runner"). Furthermore, QTP is having restricted execution testing choices, for example, begin and end exchanges which will be useful to discover execution time for specific square of steps.

QTP can be nearly coordinated with the Test Management Tool Quality Center (QC). QC can be successfully used to run QTP scripts in different remote machines to finish execution of numerous test scripts in less time.

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